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Suited for determined, motivated and hungry individuals, who are striving to make positive changes in their lives.

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At our core, we operate from a place that is in "Service To The Client".

When the commitment of the client meets the expertise of the coach,

there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

We invite you to find out more about our specialist 1-2-1 coaching services.

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Free Personal Assessment: What Drives You?

Do you know what motivates you? Perhaps interested in knowing what internal dialogue you are living up to?

By identifying which drivers you exhibit most, it becomes possible to recognise and develop the potential of these positive behaviours.  And to respond constructively to the negative. 

Shifting Paradigms & Transforming Lives

Coaching: "Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to

maximize their personal & professional potential."

Our clients already know success, they have a track record of achievements and do what needs to be done.

However currently, they may be stuck, unsure what to do or want to go beyond where they are.

It’s okay if you don’t fully believe in yourself and the impact you can make on the world when you come to me.

I will believe for both of us, until you do too.

Our Two Pillars Provide Coaching Revolving Around Circumstances Such As:

 ★ Wanting to increase your competency as a leader and manager of people.

 ★ Coaching skills to develop & boost performance in your team and others around you.

 ★ Building resilience and increasing grit to ensure you can lead through change and crises. 

 ★ Over come the feeling of pressure, stress and burnout to no longer wonder where they day went.

 ★ Develop executive confidence to avoid being continuously overwhelmed or not feeling good enough.

 ★ Going through or forced to a career transition; currently not getting responses, feedback or interviews.

 ★ Simply wanting empowering tools, habits and an action plan to tackle an area of life that has been neglected, feeling stuck in and needs improvement.

 ★ Tackle miscommunication, which is making work hard, things not get done and feeling like you're not being heard

  ★ Where a new or existing roles' success lies in the ability to manage and communicate with stakeholders effectively, currently may lack influence, engagement and respect from peers, seniors and employees. 

  ★ Decided the time is now to get help, to no longer live a life putting everyone else first, be perfect, be strong or try harder and live a life on your terms!


 We collaborate with you to understand your situation and circumstances. Then clarify your goal with absolute precision - a weak undefined goal generates weak results. 

We design a plan to take to get you towards your most productive and effective self. We tackle what is really holding you back, fears & doubts, equipping you with tools to help you thrive. This may include new actions, new activities and homework.  

Letting go of the things that drain your productivity & energy to improve your health & home life too.

Who I Am & Transformational Coaching

I am Sanjay Mistry - Lead Certified Coach at Iconic Coaching.

I've invested (and still do) thousands of pounds and thousands of hours into my own development and growth. To ensure my contribution, credentials, credibility and most importantly my coaching practice is of the highest value to clients.

Being accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a qualified NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach, and Certified Business and Personal Coach the combination is powerful.

In addition, I bring over 20 years of Finance and Commercial Corporate experience. Driving from ground zero to holding roles at the highest levels within global multi million pound organisations - a seasoned professional that has a proven track record. 

Bringing proven techniques and tools to support the move from where you are now - to where you want to be!

You will strengthen your resourcefulness for taking action towards achieving your goals and experience positive changes in your life.

Traditional methods may get you to act a different way temporarily - Transformational Coaching is about creating the future without the constraints of the past. This shifts your paradigm so you THINK a different way, which empowers your feelings, actions and most importantly results!

Ultimately, If you have seven ways of being stuck then we have eight ways to get you unstuck. (One more than you even need!)


 As the saying goes “To Go Fast - Go Alone, To Go Far - Go Together” 

 ► Get constant, solid and dependable support to turn to and rely on throughout.

► It gives you an edge over those that do not make the investment in themselves.

► Have an experienced coach in your corner that is COMMITTED to your growth. 

►  Be able to accelerate progress at a exponential level compared to "doing it by yourself".

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you,

pales in comparison to what lies inside of you”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

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