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Welcome To Iconic Coaching

Empowering People To Their Next Level #MakeShiftHappen

Born with a foundation of integrity, proactive positivity and a no-nonsense, yet non-judgmental approach.

Our clients are ambitious and driven, they know success - at times against the odds and alone. Within high pressure environments, juggling multiple priorities are still able to rise higher.  You know there is another level and have been trying harder, are being stronger and yet you feel unfulfilled. 

Fulfillment is the combination of achieving your vision whilst creating a world where you thrive. If there is a gap in your Confidence, Direction, Leadership or even Relationships let's collaborate and take you from where you are to where you want be!

Success in life and business is not an accident or luck, it's a science that you can master. Clients are supported with total commitment (and held accountable) until their goals are achieved.

I am Sanjay Mistry - Lead Certified Coach at Iconic Coaching -  When the commitment of the client meets the expertise of the coach, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

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Our Zone Of Genius: Creating A Life On Your Terms, Unlocking Mindsets & Getting People Powerful Results!


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It's Time To Be The Best Version Of You

Understanding that to feel more, mean more and to have more you have to - Become More! Our collaboration will establish your current  situation and circumstances, to see it as it really is. Then to clarify your goal with absolute precision - a weak undefined goal generates weak results. 

We design a plan to take to get you towards your most productive and effective self, tackling what it is that is really holding you back - equipping you with tools to help you thrive and no longer just survive. Letting go of the things that drain your productivity & energy to improve your health & home life too.

Client successes include scenarios such as:

 ★ DIRECTION: Overcoming the paralysis of feeling stuck and not sure what to do, leaving you achieving nothing whilst time passes by.

 ★ OVERWHELM: Being constantly overwhelmed by an ever increasing to do list, being distracted & yourself to other peoples demands.

 ★ LEADERSHIP: A new or existing role demanding skills such as being a leader and manager of people or having to manage and communicate with stakeholders effectively - otherwise failure is certain

 ★ MONKEY MIND: Dealing with the overactive mind, which is ruling your life, increasing pressure, stress and creating burnout.

 ★ CONFIDENCE: A lack of confidence leading to "not feeling good enough", not showing up as the best version of you and missing out on opportunities by playing small.

 ★ RESILIENCEBuilding resilience and increasing grit to ensure you can lead not only yourself but your team through change and crises. 

 ★ CAREERGoing through or forced towards a new job, unsure what to do and currently not getting responses, feedback or interviews.

 ★ IMPROVEWanting empowering tools, habits and an action plan to tackle an area of life that has been neglected, feeling stuck in and needs improvement asap.

 COMMUNICATIONTackle miscommunication, which is making work hard, things not get done and feeling like you're not being heard

 ★ CHANGE: Have decided the time is now to get help, to no longer live a life putting everyone else first, be perfect, be strong or try harder. 

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Sanjay has the unique ability to simultaneously coach you to get the results you’re seeking and achieve balance in the critical areas of your life.

Instead of pushing you through external motivation, he helps you discover your internal drive based on YOUR unique values.

This approach is actually sustainable over the long term.

Highly recommended!

Director - Fin Services

Head of L&D, FMCG

Sanjay has such an authentic style and positive mindset which are evident in every interaction, having experienced his powerful coaching first hand, he genuinely enabled me to move forward in so many life changing ways. His commercial acumen, drive and passion creates a real differentiator in Executive Coaching.

Relationship Manager

I have been working with Sanjay for the last few months and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop themselves professionally or personally. Everyone should have a coach and Sanjay is as good as they come!

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Close The Gap & Have It All
To Go Fast Go Alone - To Go Far Go Together

1-2-1 Mentor Coaching

  • Support with Accountability

  • Strategic planning & Brainstorming

  • Direction with Design

  • Challenge with Encouragement

  • Celebrate Successes!

Personalised To You

  • In-depth, unique & tailor made programs

  • 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months Options to choose from

  • Including 1 x Initial deep dive discovery session.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - T&C's Apply.

Client Centered

  • Progress measured and direction tracked regularly.

  • Concrete actionable next steps.

  • Full email support.

  • Full Messaging Support.

  • Build momentum and see wins!

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Ready To Make

Shift Happen?


I Am Sanjay Mistry

Lead Certified Coach at Iconic Coaching.

I've invested (and still do) thousands of pounds and thousands of hours into my own development and growth. To ensure my contribution, credentials, credibility and most importantly my coaching practice is of the highest value to clients.

Being accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a qualified NLP Practitioner & NLP Coach, and Certified Business and Personal Coach the combination is powerful. In addition, a Tony Robbins Results Coach.


I work with individuals and businesses across the globe, either through  one on one coaching or group settings.


In addition, I bring over 20 years of Finance and Commercial Corporate experience. Driving from ground zero to holding roles at the highest levels within global multi million pound organisations - a seasoned professional that has a proven track record. 

Bringing proven techniques and tools to support the move from where you are now - to where you want to be. Whether that be in performance, leadership, communication, career or relationships

You will strengthen your resourcefulness for taking action towards achieving your goals and experience positive changes in your life. We get you on a success cycle where your action get results which make you want to make more happen.

Traditional methods may get you to act a different way temporarily - Transformational Coaching is about creating the future without the constraints of the past. This shifts your paradigm so you THINK a different way, which empowers your feelings, actions and most importantly results!

Ultimately, If you have seven ways of being stuck then we have eight ways to get you unstuck. (One more than you even need!)


"The Only Person You Are Destined To Become -

Is The Person You Decide To Be"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Free Personal Assessment: What Drives You?

Do you know what motivates you? Perhaps interested in knowing what internal dialogue you are living up to?

With awareness comes power, with power comes choices and with choices comes control.

It becomes possible to recognise and develop the potential of these positive behaviours.

 And to respond constructively to the negative.