• Sanjay Mistry

You did not ask to lead in a time of crisis!

Let’s be clear – no one asks to lead in a time of crisis and nobody wants a crisis to be thrust upon them!

This is not what was in the job description said and the people before you did not have to deal with such a crisis.

What we want to do is be executing business as usual strategic, tactical and operational plans to deliver the numbers and grow the business.

Covid-19 has landed a massive event beyond our individual control and thrown that script out of the window.

Now What?

It is key to take a step back and ask ourselves what can we learn from what is happening?

Avoid the “head down” and “drive ahead” mentality many pursue.

Without clarity of direction you are discounting valuable information to be able to focus on what matters most.

On a regular basis ask yourself & others “What can we take from this situation”. It is a changing landscape and there will be positives and negatives occurring – reflection is priceless.

This gives us data and information to learn from and THEN to move forward.

From the digestion of information come clarity, this leads to the ability to communicate next steps clearly, providing a much-needed vision and understanding for yourself and those around you.

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