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  • Sanjay Mistry

Two Sides To The Coin - Corona Virus

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This is an unprecedented time, where people will be in pain and may suffer, For those experiencing the front line or even the virus itself they will have strict guidelines to adhere to and ways of working to fall in line within.

This challenging time is still an unknown that needs to be figured out.

For the remainder of us that are currently safe, well and are reading this - The other side of the coin is that this is a massive opportunity. An opportunity to invest in ourselves, to reinvent, lean into the strengths that we have put on the back burner or even forgotten. Whilst others are binging on Netflix, Facebook and junk food - For you this is a window of opportunity that doesn't come by too often, knowing that like all seasons this too shall pass.

The "norm" that we were used to is being challenged, quashed, refined and recreated to provide a new world. How we thrive (and how quickly we do this) in this new landscape will be defined by the work that we have done in the past and in this period of downtime. When the music stops - what shape will you be in to take on the future, and how well equipped for the other side are you going to be - Ask Yourself.

No doubt we will get through this, and no doubt the next stage will upon us in no time. With so much uncertainty, the most confident person is the one with most clarity. Its time to retrain your brain from seeing loss - to seeing opportunity and the upside.

This time will not happen again, choose wisely how you spend it - Your future self will thank you!

If we can help in anyway please do let us know.

Stay Safe.

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