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  • Sanjay Mistry

How Leaders Can Positively Tackle The World Of VUCA

VUCA is an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, which describes the nature of difficult conditions and situations – Not to dissimilar to views of where we are today.

It comes from the 1990’s in the military world of the American military, describing the conditions the after the cold war.

- Volatility is being subject to frequent, rapid and significant change.

- Uncertainty is which events and outcomes are unpredictable.

- Complexity involves a multiplicity of issues and factors which may be intricately interconnected.

- Ambiguity is a lack of clarity and the difficulty understanding what the situation is.

VUCA represents a set of challenges that individuals, teams, managers, and organizations affected all have to face. Individually, these challenges can be significant, but they can be formidable when they're combined.

Leaders will be looked upon to navigate through peak times of change and create the new future; however it is important to remember that everyone has the power to lead – even those without the title can do so.

The following solid framework counters each of the aspects to provide clarity and demonstrates courage not only for themselves but for those around. This in turn will generate energy, increase productivity and focus on what matters the most.

Counter Volatility With Vision:

Perception is reality, therefore have and communicate clearly a picture of short and medium intentions.

Meet Uncertainty With Understanding:

- Make the unknown known by understanding the interconnection and making them transparent.

- Build plans to achieve end results with team inputs and agreements rather than broad expectations. This also develops new perspectives.

- This will convert anxiety and resistance into productive energy with a committed consensus approach.

React to Complexity With Clarity:

- Simplify processes and procedures by valuing the important over the urgent.

- Apply energy and focus on what counts and what it's really about.

- Trust and encourage development and generation of ideas

Fight Ambiguity With Agility:

- Be flexible and agile by listening to divergent ideas and concepts.

- Interact transparently with direct communication and with clarity.

- Facilitate innovation and build up resilience.

With working to overcome the inevitable consequences of a VUCA environment, it brings into our control that which may have appeared uncontrollable. The added benefit will be with new skills, ways of working and growth

It may be difficult under the circumstances we face, but by approaching it with confidence and assurance, you prove to your team that you can make a real difference.

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