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  • Sanjay Mistry

Don’t let your leadership be out of date

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic, from feedback and various input it is very apparent that many leaders are still operating in the same manner with which they did previously.

This ultimately is a short-sighted approach, thinking that what got them to the role or title will see them through a crisis.

The good news is that behaviours can be learned and changed with those that lead through this crisis (even without the title) will do exceptionally well in more fruitful times.

See how many of these you have or your leader has:

Learning – Learn and be curious about how you can improve your skills a leader, if not you will be left behind in the ever changing world with a skill set that will only get you so far.

With change being the only constant in life and the intensity of change being higher in the current climate – it is essential to have a learning mindset. I know that as people get higher up the ladder there is a sense of “I’ve made it, I know how to do it all” and that is ever so dangerous as nothing fails like success!

This behaviour is not only vital for the individual but also for the team and those around them to inspire and demonstrate a growth mindset.

Congruence: Walk the talk, if we are making decisions in a crisis situation – what are we basing those on? Are these decisions aligned to our vision, values and mission that has been echoed and posted on walls?

If we can back them up to say where these choices are coming from and are in line with our guiding principles, then we gain credibility and show consistency.

When this Is not done, we lose our own compass and those who look to us to be inspired, empowered and compelled to follow.

Appreciation – Recognising that we are all different, different personalities, different skillsets. By not recognising the value in diversity and drawing people onboard to support it has a detrimental impact. As a leader we won’t have all the answers – nor should we be expected to. This is where engaging the resources in other is powerful.

Appreciate what others have and how to direct it to finding a solution in where you need it.

Empathy – Really understanding and reflecting on “How do my decisions impact others”. When you can put yourself in others’ shoes and those involved in a situation by taking on a different perspectives, the longer term is built stronger all round.

Decisive – Clear expectations and decision making (after exercising the above points) is what many need to be clear on where they are going, confirmation of what they are doing and clarity of what the plan is.

People support what they create and are always keen to understand how they fit in which the right leader can inspire. If there is a long delay in decisions being made with data and views still being crunched - it doesn’t bode well with those being led.

Trust gets built by views being taken account of and the leader strong enough to make a decision [which is their role] - albeit the right one, which time will tell.

⇢ Which of these is the most important?

⇢ What skill set is missing from this list?

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