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Performance & Resilience Coaching

Performance Coaching: Services

Achieve, Build & Excel

You or a team member may be feeling pressure, stress and near burnout wondering where they day went. 

That feeling of continuously being overwhelmed and not good enough, both cases also leading to health and home life being disrupted.

Perhaps stuck or at a cross roads, knowing there is more inside to bring to the table and achieve the heights you desire to deliver. 

What got you this far will not get you where you want to be.

 It's the thoughts, beliefs and paradigms people have within them which get them through challenges and to a certain point -  That is as far as they will take you. In fact, it is those very thoughts, beliefs and paradigms that are holding people back from living the life to the next level.

If you or one of your team are:

  • Stuttering in their performance and you know there is more untapped potential that needs to be unleashed or brought back to heights that have been hit negatively due to an event.

  • At across roads or hit a road block.​

  • Identified as a high potential and looking to prepare them for their next role, ensuring their thrive rather than survive in the step up.

  • Facing new role challenges or is career advancement is the plan, wanting to ensure you or they succeed, and keep succeeding!

  • Overwhelmed, feeling like there are too many priorities, not enough resources, not enough time and are stressed out.

We collaborate with you to gain clarity on what actions to take to get you towards your most productive and effective self. Tackling fears and doubts, whilst letting go of the habits and activities that drain your productivity and energy.

We supercharge you or your team to get organised, identify the most important priority, set boundaries and be more effective.

Iconic Coaching have proven method to assist in cross examining the position, getting honest with where you are and what needs to be done, then collectively generating clarity in the way forward and ensure you are back to winning ways.

"Effective Performance Is Preceded By Preparation"

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